Set phasers to stun! Hareide Designs drilling chair is featured in yet another Hollywood blockbuster.

2016, August 16

We are really proud to announce that the drilling chair «MH 300» we designed for Aker Solutions a few years back is now recycled into the future and has become a part of the set in Star Trek Beyond.

During search for futuristic set furniture for the upcoming Star Trek Beyond movie, the futuristic chair caught Paramont Pictures eyes and has now got a second life on the silver screen.

The story dates back to around 2012 when Aker Solutions approached us to lead the development of their upcoming driller’s operator chair. They wanted a signature product with superior ergonomics, designed from the user’s perspective to achieve the best operational environment, ergonomics and functionality.

The dramatic form language derives from Aker Solutions’ slogan “Attitude is everything” and is designed to be iconic, extremely capable and a part of the future. The product is designed as an exo-skeleton geometry with cast aluminum parts.

The futuristic design is a result of extremely high technological and functional demands combined with the inherent beauty of technology itself executed with uncompromising attention to detail and precision.

Now, we take the opportunity to wish our chair all the best in traveling «where no man/drilling chair has gone before».