SkyStue - First Class Aircraft Cabin Concept. Hareide Design 2016

SkyStue – Future vision for first class air travel

SkyStue is Norwegian, meaning living room between the clouds, describing its calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Air traveling today is mostly a stressful experience, enhanced by dynamic shapes and colored led lights. With SkyStue, our goal was to create a calm, welcoming and warm atmosphere with innovative functionality, and unconventional details inspired by Scandinavian architecture. The moment you sit down, you should feel at home, with all background noise removed, giving you the tranquility and rest that truly makes your journey the destination.

Luxury is more than champagne and larger seats, it should also offer you something special. Traveling with our SkyStue offers you a truly unique experience. At your seat, you will find a small taste of your travel destination. This thought through and unexpected surprise gives you that magic feeling of finding a “local rarity”, if only to tempt you out of your comfortable cabin in case you do not want to leave at the end of your flight.

SkyStue features state of the art technology hidden underneath its soft appearance. This non-intrusive technology works behind the scenes, to ensure your wellbeing throughout the flight. Ventilation, massage and active noise cancelling is built into the seat. The frame around the window gradually adjust light temperature and intensity, to simulate a circadian rhythm, so you will feel rested upon arrival.

From the moment you enter the airport lounge throughout the whole of your flight, all your chosen preferences are in place, with the ability to adjust everything through an app on your smartphone or on the touchpad situated in a pocket on the side of the cabin wall. As you travel and make choices, the system will quietly learn more about you and your preferences, and this way be able to tailor the service just for you.

When it´s time to sleep, each seat will be converted into a full sized bed measuring 220cm x 70cm. If travelling with your partner, the privacy wall between the adjoining seats can be lowered allowing you to share a common space throughout the flight, including discrete pillow talk at bedtime.  Each private space also has a large retractable table and a secondary seat, in case you would like to dine with your travel partner.

Have a pleasant flight!