Aker Solutions


Year 2013

As an effect of the success of the Kongsberg Maritime K-Master, Aker Solutions approached us to lead the development of their upcoming driller’s operator chair. They wanted a signature product with superior ergonomics. Designed from the user’s perspective to achieve the best operational environment, ergonomics and functionality. Thorough user research, extensive ideation workshops and quick mock-ups were key activities used to develop the general functional concept.

The dramatic form language derives from Aker Solutions’ slogan “Attitude is everything” and is designed to be iconic, extremely capable and a part of the future. The product is designed as an exo-skeleton geometry with cast aluminium parts. This has reduced assembly time and production cost significantly, as well as allowing free form and aesthetics. This chair was chosen by Michael Bay to feature in the film Transformers 4 becaus

e of its design as the control chair for the evil robot Galvatron, Megatron reincarnated.