Br. Aa Carbonfiber Vessels

In 2002 Brødrene Aa, the internationally renowned builder of carbon fibre vessels, approached us to design their first ship made entirely in carbon fibre. The ship was a mono hull high speed ambulance vessel with maximum attention to sea worthiness, safety, usability and modularity. The vessel was named Rygerdoktor. This marked the beginning of a cooperation between Hareide Design and Brødrene Aa resulting in more than forty vessels with a distinct design identity.

As a pioneer in carbon fibre structures, Brødrene AA hired us to shape the exterior style of their new line of carbon fibre ships to reflect the modular hull and its high speed capabilities.

The latest design expresses an elegant, yet agile product, emphasizing speed and power through simplicity and perfectly balanced volumes. The curved front section visually pulls the craft ahead, enhanced by the forward volume of the cockpit and top floor. The horizontal window line ads lightness and velocity. This identity applies on all sizes and variations of Brødrene AA`s vessels.

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